5 Signs it's time to Hire a Personal Trainer

Hey curvy sis!

You may have been at this curvy fitness thing for a minute or just starting on this journey. Either way, at some point hiring a personal trainer is inevitable especially for the curvy fit lifestyle that we have committed to do. In order to go above and beyond, we need to utilize the services of a professionally trained personal trainer that understands and embraces our curvy fitness philosophy. If you are doubting that hiring a personal trainer is necessary. Read some of the red flags below and see if any of them resonate with you.

Sound familiar?

You’re overwhelmed

  • Unsure of what to do

  • Don’t know how to use gym equipment

  • You are afraid of failing once again and know you need to do things differently this time around

Your results are inconsistent, stagnated or have declined

  • Change routine but no results

  • Results are hard to come by

  • Reached a plateau and unsure of what to do next

  • Not getting the results that you thought you would

You have a specific goal

  • Training for an event such as a marathon, obstacle course challenge, competiton

  • Working on something specific such as strength, endurance, or flexibility

  • Need a specific plan of action to follow

You are getting injured

  • You try to keep doing it your way but hurting your joints

  • Doing modifications and still getting injured

  • Unsure of proper form for some or all the exercises you’re doing

You need someone to push you to the next level

  • Need an expert’s adive and guidance to elevate

  • Done all you know how to do

  • Accountability is needed

Looking for some tips on hiring a great personal trainer, you can find them within the 9 Ways to End Gym Fear resource that’s filled with other good useful information. As always, make sure you’re a member of the Curvy Fit Chicks community and stay updated of all the happenings.

When the student is ready, the master appears
— Buddhist proverb