Curvy or Plus size: Is there a Difference?


Hey sis!

There are so many definitions for the same words these days especially when it comes to the use of curvy and plus size. I decided it would be best to clear things up as far as Curvy Fit Chicks is concerned.

There seems to be an assumption that anyone with a large body type can be described as curvy or that fat and curvy are synonymous and they certainly are not!

Curvy Defined

Curvy is a term used to describe a body shape. It is a woman with a body that has a marked difference with her butt , hips, thighs and waist. This shape causes distinct and very visible protrusion of the butt and hips especially. A curvaceously curvy body type is not exclusive to a certain clothing size. Therefore these curves don’t discriminate. She can be small wearing a size 4 and be curvy or tall wearing a size 20. It is the shape similar to an hour glass or just as we call it “bottom heavy”.

This also explains why Curvy Fit Chicks is all about curvy fitness. We are about have the fittest curves possible because no amount of exercise will eliminate the curves. In fact, the more fit we become, the more accentuated the curves will be. So curvy fitness helps you have realistic expectations and fitness goals.

Plus Size Defined

Now let’s switch gears and discuss my description of plus size. The term plus size is used when referring to the clothing size of a woman usually size 14+. This has been used in the fashion industry to categorize these sizes as larger than average size, although we know it isn’t true. Anyone who wears a size 14+ is considered plus size, but that has nothing to do with the woman’s body shape or stature.



So I would unequivocally say that there is indeed a difference in meaning between curvy and plus size. I just had to get that off my chest LOL! Now as it stands for me currently, I am both curvy and plus size. I may continue to live within the boundaries of both or eventually leave the plus size category. I will not ever not be curvy :)! I have come to love my curves and enjoy helping all of you activate, appreciate and accentuate your curves too!

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