Importance of Keeping Your Curves and Core Fit

Hi Curvy Fit Sis! My name is Trynette Lariba aka The Curvy Fit RN and Founder of Curvy Fit Chicks. I help women go from curvy fat to #curvyfit holistically! . . Welcome to the Curvy Fit Chicks Community! Here you'll learn all about the #curvyfitlife through exercise, education and empowerment.


In the Curvy Fit Chicks Domain, we teach all about holistic health and functional fitness. The exercises we do contribute to your overall health. There’s no single muscle group that we feel is more important than another.

If you have missed our other videos, go here to see some of our other topics of discussion. Continue to come back here for tips and tools to help you win on your curvy fitness journey. One of those tools is our Ultimate Health and Fitness Tracker that will:

  • hold you accountable

  • help you be transparent and achieve more

  • allow you to challenge yourself

  • provide the means to create healthy habits

If the beach is not your thing, hit the gym and try out these abdominal workouts. You’ll be glad you did. These exercises are not only effective, but efficient.

Ciao for now Curvy Fit Sis!