5 Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

Ok curvy sis…I know you have been thinking about getting a personal trainer, but you are not completely sold on the idea. You’re wondering if it is worth the cost and if he/she will really be able to make the difference in your fitness outcomes that you desire. I definitely believe that the right personal trainer that understands the curvy fitness philosophy and is highly skilled will be irreplaceable and assuredly be worth the investment. Let’s get to it.

#1 Planning of your Workouts

One of the reasons it helps to have a personal trainer is so they have the task of planning your workouts. How many of us have dreaded going to the gym because we have no clue what we are doing? We don’t know where to start. We don’t know how to use the machines, etc. A personal trainer is perfect to take care of all of these concerns. They will know what combinations of exercises to put together so the guess work is eliminated. I know I definitely am not the one to stress myself with trying to put together workout routines especially when training for a specific event like the Brutal Fitness Challenge. A personal trainer would be able to put together a long-term and short-term plan to reach your desired goals.

#2 Maximize your Results

  • He/she will create routines that yield you the greatest bang for your buck

  • Trained to continually assess your fitness abilities

  • Tailor make your fitness plan to fully maximize your skills and ultimately fitness success

  • Able to customize and great workouts with a compounding effect so that you not only save time, but get faster results

#3 Accountability/Motivation

Now who doesn’t need accountability and motivation? Look, even as self-motivated as I am, I still need accountability. Just knowing that you have a scheduled training with your personal trainer will get you moving and to your workouts. We don’t want to disappoint other people. It is an inherent trait for most. This accountability and motivation will help you reach your fitness goals successfully. Isn’t that one of the reasons you work out? For me, I want to be healthy and curvy fit, but I have goals that I want to achieve as well. One of those specific goals is to do my beach run without needing to stop. I’m still working on it and I’m motivated everytime I see my progress. Having my personal trainer who stays on top of what I’m doing, monitor my progress and provide any feedback needed to make me better is priceless!

#4 Modifications

  • Personal trainers should be able to provide modifications for your fitness level and limitations

  • Should be able to provide explanations and examples of proper form of exercises to prevent injury

  • Trainers are able to give you different ways to do an exercise to get the full benefit of the original exercise (This is where some individuals fall short when they aim to do it themselves)

#5 Challenge

Personal trainers are constantly challenging you to do better and go harder. They are also the creator of your workouts which means that each day the workout is unpredictable giving your muscles the chance to be shocked and in constant sharpening mode to keep up. This also let’s you avoid the dreaded fate of most women when working out…the P word. The word I’m referring to is PLATEAU. Yes, you will not plateau when under the leadership of an awesome personal trainer. In fact, you may feel just the opposite. You might feel like you haven’t mastered anything. That’s not the case. It usually means that because your trainer is constantly evaluating your skill level that they are altering your workouts right along side it so you don’t even notice, but your body certainly does and the results keep rolling in.

These are my top 5 reasons for working out with a personal trainer. I have found it to very beneficial in my curvy fitness journey.

If you have questions or comments, leave them below. Looking for tips to get you back in the gym without fear check out my 9 Tips to Zero Gym Fear.