Summer Survival Tips for the Curvy Fit Chick


Summer Survival Tips

For the Curvy Fit Chick!

I had to come here and share some tips with my Curvy Fit Sisters! I love the summertime because the kids are out from school and there’s lots of festivals to attend. However, you and I both know that the heat brings about a challenge for us big girls. Let me share some tips that I use to survive the summer heat.

Stay Hydrated

  • Freeze water overnight and take with you to work, on errands, and any other place you go

  • Remember to take to your workouts, especially if training outdoors

  • Snack on fruits as another way to get in your water

Stay Prepared

  • Keep a bag in your trunk of extra clothing and wipes

  • An extra pair of cotton panties in your bag and/or purse in a ziploc bag

  • Have a hand towel in your bag along with other hygiene products to make freshening up at anytime possible

  • Don’t forget your cornstarch

  • Give yourself extra time to dry off after showering

Stay Dressed Appropriately

  • Dress in the least amount of clothes needed for the event to stay cool

  • Wear materials that are breathable and allow ventilation such as cotton or linen

  • Wear biker shorts under your dresses so that you can prevent chaffing

  • Workout wearing biker shorts that are tight and won’t allow the thighs to collide causing and friction and opportunity for chaffing

  • Remove wet clothing ASAP such as swimsuits and/or workout gear

Our main focus is on staying dry and preventing any chaffing, discomfort or rashes. Any place where there are skin folds is a potential for holding moisture, like under the breasts for me especially. It is imperative to keep these area clean and dry. These are just a few tips to help you have an enjoyable summer. As long as you follow what applies to you, you’ll be alright.

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