Travel the world. Boost your Confidence & Curves!

Traveling helps to build your self-confidence. You may be wondering how that is. It is really quite simple. You have already accomplished your first goal of actually traveling from one place to another.

I remember when I decided that I was going to visit Ghana, West Africa in 2011. It was a big decision. I had never flown to Africa before. It would be a trip that none of my family or friends had ever taken. I was anxious and nervous, but the anticipation of seeing the motherland far outweighed any negative feedback. I went on the trip knowing no one and had an absolute blast! To say that my self-confidence increased tremendously would be an understatement.

Just the mere fact of you being in a different place eases your mind. However, to be in an environment where you are surrounded with curvy women who look like you is priceless. It is amazing to be in the company of those who not only celebrate curves, but can truly appreciate it. There is power in numbers. Am I saying that you cannot feel confident in a place where there are slender, less curvy bodies? Of course not. I’m stating that when you are in the presence of women who are shaped similarly and who are comfortable in their shape and size it empowers you and adds a boost to your confidence.

Another confidence boost while there was taking in the media and/or images. Without a doubt, they also influence how we see ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not. Representation really does matter. Ok one last story….

While I was in Ghana, I bought material and had several outfits made by the seamstress. I wasn’t sure on what type of pattern I wanted and they said it wasn’t a problem. They proceeded to pull out dozens of posters and pattern books with African Curvy Women shaped just like me!!! I mean just LIKE me!! I was in complete awe! I had never before seen such a sight. I’ve had patterns sewn by my grandmother and other seamstresses in the US and never before saw representation of myself. Although this was minor in the scheme of things, it was major for me.

It wasn’t just the patterns but also the commercials, billboards and simply enjoying the people as they walked by. I felt at home and at ease completely.

I am an advocate for travel both domestically and abroad because it gives you a larger frame of reference. It allows you to thrive and adapt in other environments. It gives you more knowledge about yourself and increases your confidence to flaunt your curves.

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You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown that reveals you with yourself
— Ella Maillart